Just as our name is a fusion of languages, WaWa Feliz, the organization, is working to fuse the best ideas from many cultures to create the safest, most loving and humane, woman-centered support environment we can envision.
At WaWa Feliz we believe...
  • That a full, rich experience of motherhood begins at conception or before.
  • That with appropriate food, exercise, and a good psychological environment during pregnancy and birth, a woman's chances of gently and safely giving birth to a healthy child are optimized.
  • That training birth attendants to be sensitive to the psychological as well as the physical needs of a pregnant or birthing woman is very important.
  • That quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to children, so we teach birth control, responsible family planning, and how to feed your family well with the resources you have.
  • That a sense of community between mothers-to-be helps to reassure and give them confidence that they CAN do this work and they CAN do it well.
  • That it is important to keep the privacy and liberty for women to express themselves physically and emotionally/psychologically during the birthing process.
  • That the passage into motherhood is a special time during which a woman's self-esteem will decrease or build up depending upon how she accomplishes this transition. If the mother is healthy, the baby's chances of being healthy are optimized, and the father will feel less overwhelmed by the circumstance and will also have the most helpful attitude possible towards life and his own family. This is the beginning of a better, more healthy, loving and intelligent humankind.
  • That Thomas Edison said it very well when he said "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."
  • That the world will be improved one person at a time by love, respect and education.
  • That healthcare is a moving science which is always in the process of trying to develop more subtle approaches for caring for people.

Actual birthing and pre-natal monitoring are only a part of WaWa Feliz. WaWa Feliz provides prenatal educational, nutritional and exercise classes. Prenatal yoga helps build a connection between body and mind, and helps bring flexibility, strength and balance, better oxygenation for the pregnant woman's own body as well as better oxygenation for the baby, which lasts beyond the class. There is Pre-Natal and Post-Natal massage available to help women with edema, aches, and pains, and to help improve the pregnant woman's circulation and reduce varicosities. There are infant massage classes to help teach mothers to become more attuned to their babies. By encouraging participation in the birthing process by fathers in a society that typically excludes them, WaWa Feliz works to spread understanding of what a women goes through in the birthing process, so that the father can be more sensitive to why the mother might be tired or depressed, and might need more love and understanding and logistical support than usual.

Though not mandatory, almost all of WaWa Feliz's clients have chosen to labor, and birth, in water, due to the discomfort relieving properties from relaxing in warm water. Birthing in the water helps keeps the space of the mother and baby from being intruded, and keeps the parents relaxed and concentrated. The baby is birthed from his element where he is most comfortable into the same element, and he can explore his new environment without fear. He can discover his parents and start to use his sense organs to a greater degree, and learn about his new world, surrounded by love and curiosity. This enriching experience that mother, baby and father share at WaWa Feliz will impact closer family relatives and friends in a positive way as the experience is shared, discussed and integrated into their worldviews.