Sponsor a Mother

WaWa Feliz has initiated a new program for single young women who can't afford prenatal care. WaWa Feliz is looking for sponsors for individual women. The first candidates are pictured below, along with their biographical information. If you are interested in possibly being a sponsor, please write to us at info@wawafeliz.org if you want more information about this program. If you are ready to sponsor a woman listed below, click on the "Sponsor Now" button below the picture. Sponsors will be kept up to date with pictures and commentary during the entire pregnancy, birth, and after birth time. If Sponsor desires, and if the woman is willing, WaWa Feliz will send the two parties the email addresses of each other, so they can communicate directly.

WaWa Feliz charges women two hundred and sixty dollars ($260.00) for a birth, which is about average for this economy, but our services are much more extensive, as they include all the pre and post natal care, as well as nutrition, exercise, and educational classes. By involving the father of the child as much as is possible, we are working to strengthen the family unit. Our belief is that usually, an active, engaged father will provide vital guidance and support, both logistical and emotional, strengthening the overall effort to raise healthy, well-adjusted, loved children. We are working to get the new parents to think about the child and what they as parents will need to do both educationally and nutritionally to raise him or her well.

Our policy is to not exclude any woman who really wants to give birth with us, regardless of her ability to pay. But the reality of the survival of the clinic interferes with this desire at times. So we've decided to ask for help through sponsorship of individual pregnant women. To sponsor a pregnant woman costs five hundred dollars ($500.00), and this covers all the costs of her relationship with us, as well as two hundred dollars ($200.00) of food that we will provide her with during her pregnancy to help assure she gives birth to the healthiest possible baby. The remaining forty dollars ($500 minus $260 for WaWa Feliz, minus $200 for food), goes to cover the cost of actually buying and distributing the food to the sponsored mother, because, unfortunately, we can't count on distributions of money to a sponsored mother being used as specified. Additionally, this Forty dollars covers the cost of our communication with you, providing you with monthly digital pictures and updates of how your sponsored mother-to-be is progressing in her pregnancy.

Noemi Palpa Barbarena has been sponsored by Joellen Raderstorf of Boulder, Colorado as of April 25th.

She is 36-37 weeks pregnant as of April 25th. She is 21 years old, and lives in Huancayo at 624 Huayna Capac Street. She lives in her parent's house with her boyfriend, Miguel Ponce Aguirre. She has a 3 year old daughter, Jaqueline Ponce Palpa. Noemi works crocheting handbags, hats and shoes. Miguel, her boyfriend doesn't have steady employment, but drives a taxi and paints houses when he can.

Noemi was sent to us by Christ the King Evangelical Church of Peru.